Mobile applications and simulators to improve education

There is no better time for education than the technology that currently exists. The fact of being able to load with a small computer, or cell phone, has expanded the horizons of what could be done at the educational level. We are not limited by the lack of material, but we are now more connected than ever. In the teaching process, the proper use of technology can give great benefits because more things can be done, at any time only a mobile device is required, thus allowing more interactive and constant tools.

In Reto ENARM we have achieved great alliances for beneficiaries to the medical sector, we have the same commitment for any branch of education; It is because we are working to bring out new educational products that can help students in their quest to achieve that student or professional glory that so many yearn for. In a world where opportunities are scarce, we have to bear in mind that opportunities may decrease. The competition is greater and therefore the best applicants for each position are always sought. Exams like the ENARM give a reliable example of this need to separate the best from the rest.

Our mission is to help, but not only in medicine if not in other areas of education and in the workplace.
The technology that we have implemented through our apps and simulators is a verifiable reality that benefits those who use them. Proof of this is that by using the app, you can use it whenever and wherever you want, in this way your study can become constant anywhere. That is why we attest to the quality with which we have implemented our technology to provide a product that helps you overcome the various obstacles that arise.

Our mission is to help, but not only in medicine if not in other areas of education and in the workplace.
The ENARM Simulator is different from our APP, it is a system with web technology, with the aim of imitating the National Exam for Aspiring Medical Residences – ENARM. The simulator is something apart from Reto ENARM. The simulator questions are 100% new, no case is similar to the app. It serves as a diagnosis, since it gives them times and statistics, it also helps you familiarize yourself with the exam experience. The ENARM app helps with cases and questions, but it is not intended as a real exam. The app keeps a count of your simulations and statistics of all your progress. The advantage of the app is that you can use it anywhere either on your phone or tablet. This is one of the advantages that modern technology has imposed on us and that has worked for us for good.

Technology has not only helped us to connect, but has also achieved benefits in terms of use and the fact that any of us can use it with the technology of our cell phones. CHALLENGE ENARM at any time of the day at any time can clarify doubts in everything related to ENARM. Consistent practice is what makes this exam successful.

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