We envision a very competitive world, where learning and training for acquiring new skills is the norm. Tools that enable motivation and efficiency are must-haves to achieve your professional goals.


Entrepreneurship + medical expertise + pedagogy + design + tech

Carlos Roca

Head - Founder

Dr. André Tapia

Medical content - Founder

Dr. Uri Torruco

Head of medical - Founder

Dr. Alma Jurado

Head of content & digital officer

Isabel Laris

Medical project manager

Samy Ramos

Design lead

Mauricio Perera


Social Impact

Reto believes in healthcare and education as the foundation to reduce inequalities and promote prosperity in societies.

Inequity and restricted access to education in developing countries are established issues. Reto has developed tools to enable equal access to all students, regardless of their location and budget.  Reto fosters autonomy, competence, relatedness and accessibility. Our objective is to democratize education and contribute to enhancing professional competitiveness.

Francisco Marquez 146, Condesa, Mexico D.F.
[email protected]